Frequently asked Questions

01. Where can I find the rental conditions?

You can find the motorhome rental agreement at this link.

The van rental agreement can be found here.

02. What does it cost to rent a motorhome?

See the price on the motorhome rental page. You can find the price in connection with the booking calendar for each vehicle.

03. Can vehicles be rented for a longer period?

Longer rentals are possible. Call us or contact us via the contact form if you need a long term rental service.

04. Can another person in the party drive the vehicle?

Other people in the same party can also drive the car, as long as they have the required driving license to drive the vehicle. However, the person who signed the rental agreement is always financially responsible for the car.

05. What payment methods are possible and how is the reservation paid at the Sipoo office?

It is possible to pay the vehicle rental in the online bank with an invoice if you have booked the car through our Booking System.

You can also pay for the vehicle on site with a debit and credit card, as well as cash.

06. Can I leave my car in the car park for the duration of the rental?

Yes, you can leave your vehicle in our car park for the duration of the lease.

07. The refrigerator light is blinking, what to do?

This is a fault code, below are explanations of the fault codes:

3: The refrigerator does not run on gas. -> First check that on the stove that the gas flow is normal. If the gas runs out, replace the gas cylinder and reset the hose break valve and collision sensor.
6 and 7: The refrigerator does not operate on 12 V –> Make sure the engine is running and if there is still no power, use the refrigerator with another power source.
10: The refrigerator does not work with 230V –> Make sure that AC power is available and, if necessary, try using the refrigerator with another power source.
11: The refrigerator does not work in AUTO mode. –> Make sure an energy source is available.

It is possible to reset the fault codes by switching the refrigerator off and on again. If the gas cylinder ran out, then the gas pipes are empty all the way. In this case, the refrigerator may not start immediately on the first attempt, so repeat the restart.

08. Does the fridge seem to cool slowly?

Absorption refrigerators used in motorhomes are not as efficient as we are used to in the home and they cool down more slowly than regular home refrigerators. So it’s a good idea to put the fridge to cool down well before you go.

In hot weather, you should try to park in the shade on the side of the car that has the refrigerator. This allows the refrigerator to better transfer the heat from cooling out of the kitchen space.

09. How long does the RV battery last and how is it charged?
The RV battery is used in car equipment for lighting and air heating, so the battery typically lasts for several days without the need for recharging. The battery in the car part of the car is always charged while driving, so if the car is driven a little longer every few days, the battery will be charged while driving.
10. How long does a gas cylinder last?
The car consumes the most gas in the interior heating. As a rule of thumb, if the car’s internal temperature needs to be heated to 10 ° C, the gas bottle will last for about 5 days.
11. How do I make a reservation for a company name?
When booking for a company, enter your company name and business ID in the required fields on the appointment calendar.
12. The heating does not turn on and the display shows error code E517H, what to do?
When error codes 408, 507, 516, and 517 appear, this is a gas supply problem.

1. First check on the hob that the gas flow is normal. If the flow is not normal, replace the gas cylinder and reset the hose break valve and collision sensor.
2. Make sure that the gas tap on the heater is open. The faucet can be found in the same place as the faucets in the refrigerator and stove.
3. Acknowledge the error code. If the code flashes, leave the heater on and wait for about 15 minutes. that the code stops flashing. Then use the scroll wheel to move the pointer over the exclamation point symbol in the center at the bottom of the screen, and press the scroll key twice quickly. Now the error message is acknowledged and the heating is switched on.
13. Would we like to take our pet on a trip, is that possible?
It is possible to bring pets in some of the cars. Call us if you want to bring your pet!
14. What is the shortest possible rental period?
For vans, the minimum rental period is 4 hours.
Motorhomes are rented during the high season 10.6. – 19.8 Only during the week. At other times, it is possible to rent for a shorter period.
The minimum rental period for trailers is 24 hours.
15. How does the booking fee work?

The booking fee is part of the rent, so it will be paid at the time of booking and will be automatically deducted from the final rent payment.

16. AdBlue light on the instrument cluster, what to do?

When the yellow AdBlue warning light comes on, there is about 500km of fluid left for driving. Fluid must be added in time or the engine will no longer start.

If AdBlue is enough until the end of your booking, you don’t need to add it.
If you need to add AdBlue, you can get it from gas stations, and at some gas stations you can also refuel directly from the meter.
Add AdBlue to its own blue-cap container. Do not add it to the diesel fuel tank! Also, be careful not to spill liquid on it or on the paintwork of the car.

17. Where can I find the rental price list?

Rental price list for all vehicles can be found here.

18. I am making a ferry reservation. Where can I find the vehicle registration number and dimensions?

The dimensions of the car can be found in the details of each car, on the motorhome rental or van rental pages. The ferry companies will ask for the car’s registration number already at the booking stage, but you will have time to give it well at the car check-in.

19. Does the car need to be connected to the mains in order to use heating and lighting, for example?

The car’s lighting is powered by the car’s own battery and the heating, stove and refrigerator are powered by the LPG in the car.

If you want to use mains power and underfloor heating from the car’s sockets, then the car must be able to be connected to an external power supply with the connecting cable.

20. Are there ISOFIX mounts on motorhomes?
21. Sewers seem to pull badly, what to do?

The position and tilt of the car affect the operation of the drains, so it is advisable to park the car as evenly as possible. There is also some difference in the tonnage of sewers between car individuals.

22. Is the water in the water tank potable?

In principle, the water is potable, but we recommend that you always keep the drinking water separate, as we do not have accurate information on previous water refills in the fresh water tank.

23. Can I order delivery to the place of my choice for the vehicle of my choice?

If possible, the vehicle can be delivered at an additional cost. Call us and ask for more information about the possibilities.

Need help renting equipment?

Contact us and we will consider the best possible solution according to your needs!